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Free screen recording and live streaming app

Video-sharing sites, such as Youtube, give anyone the opportunity to be a broadcaster. However, for you to get started, you will need different programs to mix your content. You need to record your clips and run them through post-production. OBS Studio is a multimedia application that aims to help you create a seamless broadcast. It is a screen recording, streaming, and video editing software in one package—allowing you to capture, mix, and live-stream your videos in real-time. This app is especially handy for gamers who like to record their gameplay or professionals who need to create video tutorials. 

High-performance broadcasting tool

Using OBS Studio, you can record videos directly from your webcam. Not only that, but you can also incorporate contents from various sources—including existing videos, still images, and footage from games. Moreover, with its screen recording function, you can capture your window or a portion of it and add them to your video. OBS Studio has a high-performance real-time video and capturing feature that allows you to do all these. It has a built-in video editor sp no need to download a separate app to edit your material. 

OSB Studio comes with custom transitions that allow you to set up an unlimited number of scenes you can switch between seamlessly. The app also offers powerful configuration options so you can add new sources, duplicate existing ones, and adjust their properties. Plus, it has an intuitive audio mixer with per-source filters, including noise gate, noise suppression, and gain. You can take full control of your video’s audio track with VST plugin support.

On top of that, the app gives you the option to live-stream your content. You can even stream and mix them at the same time. Looking at it, OBS Studio is a powerful broadcasting app. It has everything you will need to achieve professional results. With support for Twitch, Youtube, Facebook Live, DailyMotion, and Restream, all major streaming services are covered. However, there is little guidance in the app, so you will need some time to familiarize yourself with its interface. 


  • Recording and live streaming app in one
  • Varied selection of source options
  • Optimized for game streaming
  • Allows users to mix and live stream content at the same time


  • Workflow takes a little getting used to
  • Interface is not entirely intuitive
  • Little guidance available


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OBS Studio


OBS Studio 24.0.6 for Mac


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